BLEEDING HOST - Miraculous Actual Photo

MANY INCIDENTS with different version of the STORIES have been published regarding the BLEEDING HOST and other similar miracles. Photos, videos and other documentation were recorded and until now, this miracle is still unexplainable. Check this story...

The Bleeding Host
In the Catholic faith, during the sacrament of Communion during the Mass, the Eucharist, or wafer, and wine used in the ceremony are said to represent the body and blood of Christ. During a mass in 1991 at a church in Betania, Venezuela, a more literal phenomenon allegedly took place. Father Otty Ossa, chaplain of the Betania site, where several apparitions of Mary reportedly took place, was saying Mass in the open air chapel next to the grotto, when the host began to bleed in his hands after the consecration. "I broke the Host into four parts," Fr. Otty said. "When I looked down at the plate I could not believe my eyes. I saw a red stain forming on the Host and from it a red substance was beginning to emanate similar to the way blood spurts out in a puncture." The event was videotaped, photographed and subject to intense evaluation by the local church officials.

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